Thank you for purchasing a Groupon for use at Awaken Massage Therapy!

Please read the following instructions so that your Groupon redemption will go quickly and smoothly.


Please schedule an appointment by texting: 503.893.4022, or, by emailing:

We will need the following information from you so please be prepared to provide it:


     Your Name

     Phone Number

     Email address for the digital intake form and appointment confirmation

     Groupon Voucher #

     Barcode #


The Groupon Vouchers are all for 60-Minute Signature Massages but if you would like to schedule a longer massage you can do so by paying the difference in cost.



Groupon Vouchers are for NEW CLIENTS only.  This was specified on the feature date of our Groupon sale and is also printed on your Groupon Voucher.  If you have purchased a Groupon and are already an existing client please call us and let us know so that we can advise you of your options. Thank you for respecting this!



Please note that we have a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.  If you need to cancel, or, reschedule your massage please give us twenty-four hours advance notice.  If you do not notify us within this time period, and/or miss your scheduled appointment for any reason, you risk forfeiting your Groupon voucher as payment for your scheduled appointment.



If you have an expired Groupon Voucher that you would like to redeem please call our office to book your appointment. Please make sure to tell us that your voucher has expired.  The value of your voucher will be that which you paid for it. If you paid $40-49 for a 60 Minute Signature Massage your voucher can now be used as a $40-$49 credit towards any massage of one hour or more. If you paid $149 for your 3 - 60 Minute Signature Massage Vouchers, your vouchers can now be used as a credit for $149 toward 3 massages of 60 Minutes or more.  Example: If you want to book a one-hour Signature Massage using your voucher you will need to pay an additional $41-$50 to cover the charge of your 60 Minute massage ($90 Value). If our pricing increases during that time, we will honor the voucher stated value. If our pricing decreases, then you will get the decreased price.


If you have any questions about our services or the Groupon voucher you have purchased please feel free to email us!


We look forward to working with you!